1) Conditions of use of the CareerHub Job Board

CareerHub is an online facility used to advertise job vacancies, internships and work experience opportunities to current students of the University of Notre Dame Australia (Notre Dame) and alumni. Employers are welcome to advertise positions on this site as long as they comply with current State and Federal Australian legislation relating to employment, internships and work experience.

CareerHub b is a self-service system where employers can register and upload their own vacancies. Employers wanting to use this service must supply all information requested and satisfactorily complete the online registration before their application to register will be considered by the Careers Office at the University of Notre Dame Australia. Failure to do so may result in the job or organisation not being approved.

The Careers Office is open from 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday except public holidays and the Christmas shut down period. Once employers have submitted a job to be registered on CareerHub, Notre Dame will endeavour to either approve or decline the application within two working days.

Notre Dame reserves the right to approve, change or decline opportunities or registrations that are submitted to CareerHub for approval.

Specifically all employers and recruitment agencies must provide:

  • The name of the individual or organisation advertising the job vacancy
  • The name of the contact person
  • The address and phone number of the organisation, individual or contact person
  • A full description of the work being offered
  • For all casual and part time work the appropriate rate of pay being offered via Fair Work Ombudsman and also Wage Line WA or call 1300 655 266.
  • For professional jobs, a pay range must be provided
  • A legitimate and current website address

Failure to supply the above may result in Notre Dame rejecting the job or opportunity submitted. Notre Dame reserves the right to refuse job vacancies on the following grounds:

  • They do not comply with current State and Federal Australian legislation
  • The employer provides false or misleading information or does not complete the online registration honestly and in full
  • The employer acts inappropriately, unprofessionally or unethically
  • The job opportunity is considered to be inappropriate and or does not benefit the student

The Careers Office will not advertise:

  • commission only roles
  • modelling roles
  • non - genuine job opportunities
  • multiple advertisements for the same position
  • jobs open for more than 6 months    
  • jobs with unpaid trial/training periods
  • independent contracting jobs (i.e. self employment)
  • internships or volunteering that involve fees or charges of any sort     
  • pyramid schemes
  • opportunities that require the student or graduate to pay the employer or recruiter     
  • work offering piece rates where payment is per product, per delivery or per sale made
  • any work which requires the employee to purchase a product or service or requires a security deposit or some such fee for inclusion into employment
  • jobs that do not clearly state the job description and wage paid
  • jobs that provide board and living in exchange for services
  • cash jobs
  • work that is illegal
  • any posting that does not align with the Objects of the University

Specific requirements for Recruitment Agencies and other third party recruiters (tutoring agencies or any organisation that receives payment to recruit for their client)

  1. Advertisers must have an Australian office and an Australian ABN
  2. A genuine job vacancy must be being advertised by the recruitment agency or third party recruiter.
  3. Only one job may be advertised in one advertisement
  4. Remuneration amounts must be provided upfront
  5. An end date for the advertisement must be entered, at which point the ad will disappear from the Job Board

2) Voluntary Work

According to Volunteers Australia, ‘Formal volunteering is an activity which takes place through not-for-profit organisations or projects and is undertaken:

  • to be of benefit to the community and the volunteer;
  • of the volunteer’s own free will and without coercion;
  • for no financial payment; and
  • in designated volunteer positions only’.

In addition, volunteering should not involve any payments to be made by the student or graduate to the organisation. University of Notre Dame will only authorise volunteering opportunities that meet these definitions.

Volunteer opportunities for Western Australia can also be directed to our Notre Dame Volunteer Network (NDVN), Fremantle campus at Student Services. Please contact Student Services on (08) 9433 0580 or email: fremantle.ndvn@nd.edu.au

3) Internships or Work Experience Opportunities

Internships and Work Experience opportunities can only be advertised on CareerHub if they comply with the Fair Work Act 2009. The Fair Work Ombudsman provides guidelines to help you comply with current legislation and you should review these guidelines before you submit an opportunity to CareerHub. The links below connect you to the relevant Fair Work information and fact sheets:


The Careers Office at Notre Dame reserves the right to refuse any opportunities that they consider contravene the principles and intent of the Fair Work Act regarding internships and work experience.

4) Vocational Learning Programs

The Fair Work Act recognises formal work experience arrangements that are a mandatory part of an education or training course. If you wish to develop a vocational placement in your organisation we would suggest that you contact the Careers Officer at the University via fremantle.careers@nd.edu.au or (08) 9433 0582 for our WA campus and sydney.careers@nd.edu.au for our NSW campus to help connect you with the appropriate School.